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Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 hear the words “you have cancer”. They will each need specialised nursing care and support to get them through it. The Teenage Cancer Trust is only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need – so no young person faces cancer alone.

Everything akamoré does is to raise funds and awareness for this amazing charity, we thank you for your support. Take a look at our video to explain who we are and what we are trying to do.

“Teenage Cancer Trust is delighted to be working in partnership with akamore. Peter’s family have brought his passions of music and Everton together to create akamore, which will raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust and help ensure that no young person faces cancer alone. It’s an incredible legacy in Peter’s name!  We’re very grateful for all their support and wish them every success”

Show your passion

Share the love

Make a difference

Every football fan will agree that it’s all about the passion and pride for the clubs we support. We expect this of every player lucky enough to wear the shirt and play for our club. How often do we hear from the club’s Players, Manager or even the Chairman (chairperson) saying how much they love their fans “who are the best fans ever!”. We wear our club’s colours and crest to show our passion, now akamoré brings a unique spin on this…

Here’s a way to show the passion and love for your football club, and with a message never before heard… ‘my club ❤ Me, ❤ my Mum, or my Dad. Yes they’re different but it’s a simple message that every supporter would wear with pride, and that’s even without the most powerful message that is also there. Below each logo is the word akamoré, you can read the full backstory behind this from the link below, it’s all about making a difference…

When you buy your shirt and wear it with pride, you will also be sharing the love and Making a Difference to people who need it most. akamoré was created to raise awareness of the Teenage Cancer Trust and raise much needed funds for a Charity that does so much good in the face of the most awful times.

Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 hear the words “you have cancer”. They will each need specialised nursing care and support to get them through it. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need – so no young person faces cancer alone.  33% of all profits generated by akamoré are given directly to Teenage Cancer Trust, using the Work For Good system that allows businesses like ours to raise money in this safe and secure way.

Wear it with pride

OK, so now you know the background of akamoré and the way the money raised is used to improve the lives of Teenagers and their Families who are battling cancer. It’s our own love of football and indeed music that gave us the idea of creating a single image that says so much.

Each image is created for each club with the message that our club ❤ Me, ❤ Mum, or ❤ Dad. We link this via the clubs’ colours, they are idea for all members of the family from football crazed Kids to their equally crazed Parents and even Grandparents who have been football crazed for many more years.

It’s all about the quality

We understand that, like most people helping others and supporting Charities is a good thing, but like most of us we want value for money. This is why we went to great lengths to ensure we provide a quality product, each classic T-shirt is made from 100% cotton, with a comfortable fit crew neck with twin needle stitching on the neck and shoulder area as well as being taped shoulder to shoulder. Reduced shrinkage and a soft feel comes through enzyme washing. Have a read of the reviews section if you’re in any doubt.

How’s your team doing?

As sports fans and especially for us football fans we love how competitive it is. With this in mind we’ve created a league to see how your team is doing in both our league table but also for the weekends head-to-head battles, here’s a couple of examples and be sure to check out our social media channels to see how you’re doing. It’s just a bit of fun… who are we kidding, this is competitive.


Brenda & Jane Wilson

“Our daughter Jane is Chelsea made so we got her a white t-shirt saying that Chelsea loves me, it’s hard to get it off her back. We were made up with the quality and the price and it’s good to know that we are helping teenagers out. Well done akamore keep up the good work.”

Mrs J Murphy

We wanted to say a huge thanks to you all, a close relative is undergoing treatment at the moment and is a massive Newcastle fan. He’s not been able to get to many games, so we got him a shirt which he absolutely loves. We have told loads of friends and the love the idea and its great to know we are helping so many people.

The Hughes Family

It started as being just a bit of fun, we first got a Brighton ❤ Mum for my wife’s birthday and she loved it so much she bought me one along with our 2 kids. Not to be outdone my Dad also bought one. Fantastic idea and we love what you guys are doing.